How to cheat on Ingress (or: sorry Niantic, i cheated)


EDIT June 1st 2016:

Maybe it is not clear enough in this article so i would like to explain more.
Yes, i develop tools against the TOS.
Many of these tools are used by many agents around the world and they make possible those beautiful report that you see on Ingress Report.
This tools makes this game better and they do not disrespect no one, when spoofing and having multiple accounts instead does.
This behavior includes but is not limited to scraping of the game API endpoints.
Many tools, instead, does not violate the TOS at all.
Yes, i do hate and disdain who makes GPS spoofing and who stores items on multiple account because this makes this game worse.
Yes, i do think that developing software to manipulate data and make this platforms available to other agents do make this game better, and allows agents to have more fun organizing bigger and more complex operations, even if this goes against the TOS.

If you do not appreciate how i play, PLEASE report me.
You can do that here:

After that, if you are a honest person, please leave a comment below telling us how you are violating the TOS.

EDIT May 19th 2015:

I removed the guide from this article.
My point was to show how easy any one can spoof in this game and ask Niantic for changes.
This article got, until now, more than 150k hits.
Niantic never answered nothing, no one contacted me, this method still works and after more than one year, they just added some ridiculous protections in the backend.
So i realized that my aim was useless and today i’m removing this guide.
If you love this game, as i do, please stop spoofing.

 A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?

Sorry Niantic, i cheated.

Spoofing location in Ingress is really really easy.
Since i started to play this game, i always played cleanly, but recently  i started to see many episodes of GPS spoofing around me.

It is extremely bad when a player drives for kilometers and kilometers for a field just to see it destroyed by a cheater after few minutes.

So i decided to start an experiment to discover how easy is to cheat and to test the protection mechanisms implemented by your servers.
I discovered that one can cheat very easily and without any needs of technical knowledge.

So let’s see how to cheat in Ingress:


I think that Ingress is a real revolution, a brand new, brilliant idea that linked the real world to the virtual one.
Ingress started new kinds of social phenomena, making nerds leaving the houses and goes in the streets, talking each others and collaborating for the team.
Ingress created a lot of new relationship and real friendships, even between “enemies”.
What i like most of this game is that it forces you to meet to really enjoy.
This is great.

But then comes the bad aspects..

I really love computer science, and i know well that this kind of software require to trust the clients.
There is no escape: it’s the player that communicates it’s own location, the server can only trust him or not.
But there is much that the server can do to understand if it can trust the user position or not.
It is something that every programmer can do, and certainly Google has the resources to make it.

You could prevent the creation of second accounts by verifying new users and devices with an SMS. This simple shrewdness could have prevented me from cheating and publishing this post.
You could check the accelerometer and the compass to see if them are static or they are moving.
You could check the IP of the client and restrict his playground not in his own city, but at least his region or country.
You could check if the GSM cell matches the provided GPS position.
You could check if the WIFI networks matches the provided position.
You could try to associate user’s speed with his transport.
You could check if the user is moving in a line, through walls and buildings or he is following the shape of the streets.

These are just some suggestions that came to my mind in a few minutes. They won’t make impossible to still fake the location, but surely it would be more difficult.

One thing that surely don’t prevent cheating, is security through obscurity.
I can’t believe that in 2014 someone still believes that this bad practice can really help to make a system more secure.

Open the source of the game, publish it with a Free Software license. Build a public API to access game data, trough well controlled API keys.
The game will be better, like IITC is really really better than the standard INTEL.

The purpose of this post is to ask you, Niantic, to do more against cheaters. Every one knows that something more can be done and every one knows that Google has the power to do it.
So, please, do it.

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69 Responses

  1. RamsesV scrive:

    Unfortunately this still works great. Does not look like Niantic was changing sometingAs the author suggests: If you are carefully, not chasing ’round to much you can reach a high level without doing a single step.

  2. ingressAutomation scrive:

    I am cheating with my own client for years I completely reversed the Api and my java client is able to run on any OS but not on Dalvik ATM. All Anticheat mechanisms are currently supported my clients are currently restricted to 1.000 and I plan to support 100.000 in the near future. Liftimr license is 100 USD for my not.

  3. Pauline scrive:

    Congratulations. :) To go above level 2, one needs to verify with SMS. :) You made a difference!

  4. Tuborg scrive:

    Um, yeah, because it’s so hard to get a prepaid card and an old andy phone to get past that SMS verification and then back to the cheat grind? I think most people I see playing this game around here always run around with two phones & two accounts anyway. Using the primary phone as a wifi hotspot makes that pretty much free and twice the bang bang power.

  5. Tomas scrive:

    If someone is cheating. Then cheating itself, no one else. This game is about going out. If someone don’t want to go out, then why want to play this game ? :)

  6. Righteous Ness scrive:

    This “works” for me, but by level 3 or 4, the game realizes something is up and I can no longer hack, deploy resos, etc. Trying to do this to combat against some cheaters in our area. Can anyone help?

  7. x scrive:

    they ban account

  8. Ingress scrive:

    I can not find new virtual machine (WXGA 10.1 Tablet – 4.1.1 – API 16 – 1280×800). In any other a can not flash Have you any hint? THX

  9. STOP IT scrive:

    Do not use this. I have flaged Ingress account :/

  10. bib scrive:

    its not working anymore, cant hack.

  11. Name scrive:

    Why cheat like this? Why not go nuts, fly all around the fking world and do the in game stuff?

  12. damned scrive:

    Hi. How download virtual machine WXGA 10.1 Tablet – 4.1.1 – API 16 – 1280×800? tell me here please)

  13. sarkof scrive:

    its not working for me. the virtual display is black… no login nothing

  14. Vincenzo Girardi scrive:

    If you are so lazy that you play a game that requires you to move but cheat so as not to move, you are a lame.
    I understand the experimental trial cheat to see if it works. But dont even bother playing if you are cheating just to get points or level up sobyou can say how good you are… dont deserve the credit.
    Alzati. Camina un po. Fatti un giro in macchina.
    But get up and be alive not a lazy, dishonest, cheating loser.
    A presto ragazzi.

  15. Mathias Lui scrive:

    Haha I reached level 5 in just two days too…without spoofing!

  16. Walter scrive:

    It doesn’t work because now the scanner checks GPS location and compares it to WiFi/cell tower location. If you know how to overcome this, you can still cheat.

  17. Walter scrive:

    …and spoofing is not really used to reach hi levels. It is used in Guardian hunting and gear supplying. Things you will not know till you play for a while and get invited into some more organized groups of player.

    BUT, spoofing is not an option here. IT IS A GAME! Why take the fun of playing if you take it too seriously?

  18. shonnana scrive:

    Because it is frustrating to watch others soar to the heights on multiple accounts, while Niantic tells you you cannot access your account at this time because you signed in on your daughters device in the hope of a decent internet connection. It may take days to be allowed on again. And all the hours you just put in, all the lnks you made, fields you made do not count…are wated…just because someone ELSE, not you, CHEATS! I can only play on one at a time, it is obvious I am standing right there, I am using my real name and I am penalized for my honesty and others cheating. It is just about enough to make me quit playing!

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